This week on 'At Home with the Gardening Gang' on COASTFM963 we explored 'Lifestyle Acreage'. Maybe lifestyle acreage is tempting you with dreams of collecting fresh eggs for breakfast while you pass by your recreation of Monet’s Garden and pumpkins just about ready to take to the local Farmers Market so let’s look at the reality of moving you, your family and plans onto what was once called a ‘Hobby Farm’.
Cheralyn and Pete chat with Claire, a tree-changer from the city who managed to create a home acreage property for her extended family and run a thriving business:
Jay Talbot of , real estate agent specialising in Lifestyle Acreage Properties shines a light on the larger property market for us. 
Our Regular Gangsters keep us up to date...
Gardening Field Reporter Vicki White of  will tell make sure you are first know what's hot in the nurseries this week as well!
Lachlan McDonald of gives us the inside scoop on the real estate market this week.

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